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Moochie Alfonso

Moochie Alfonso’s journey and dedication to the music community illustrate a deep passion for R&B/Soul and a commitment to supporting independent artists. Here’s a detailed look at his background, his role in the music industry, and how he helps promote emerging talent:

Background · Musical Upbringing:

Moochie Alfonso grew up immersed in music, particularly R&B and Soul, genres known for their emotional depth and rich history. This early exposure fostered a lifelong love and deep understanding of these musical styles.

Becoming a DJ:

Moochie established himself as a knowledgeable and consistent DJ, gaining respect for his ability to blend tracks seamlessly and keep the energy high at events. His mastery behind the decks has earned him a solid reputation in the music scene.

Role in the Music Industry · Music Curator:

Beyond DJing, Moochie is a dedicated music curator. This role involves discovering new music, creating playlists, and promoting tracks that align with his musical tastes and expertise.

Support for Independent Artists:

Moochie has listened to over 200 music submissions, providing constructive feedback to artists. This not only helps artists improve their craft but also builds Moochie’s reputation as a trusted ear in the music community.

Impact on Independent Artists · Groover Platform:

As a curator on Groover, a platform designed to connect artists with music industry professionals, Moochie stands out for his high answer and sharing rates.

High Answer Rate: Moochie offers feedback to more than 100% of submissions, indicating that he sometimes provides additional follow-ups or in-depth insights beyond the initial response.

High Sharing Rate: He provides airplay opportunities to over 55% of the tracks he receives, showcasing his willingness to support and promote new music.

Moochie’s Contributions · Constructive Feedback:

Detailed Reviews: Moochie gives detailed and constructive feedback, helping artists understand their strengths and areas for improvement.

Encouragement and Support: His feedback often includes encouragement, fostering a positive and supportive environment for emerging artists.

Airplay Opportunities:

Radio Shows and Playlists: Moochie features promising tracks on his radio shows and curated playlists, offering valuable exposure to a broader audience.

Networking: By sharing tracks, Moochie helps artists network with other industry professionals, opening doors for further opportunities.

Building a Community:

Engagement: Moochie’s active engagement with artists helps build a community of like-minded individuals passionate about R&B and Soul.

Trust: His reputation as a trusted curator and DJ builds confidence among artists seeking guidance and promotion.

Moochie Alfonso’s passion for R&B/Soul and his dedication to supporting independent artists have made him a respected figure in the music community. His role as a DJ and music curator on platforms like Groover allows him to provide invaluable feedback and promotion, helping artists navigate the challenges of the music industry and achieve greater recognition. Moochie’s efforts exemplify how one individual’s commitment to music can have a profound impact on the careers of many aspiring musicians.

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Music Makes Life Much Better!



About Us

Moochie Alfonso

Growing up surrounded by music. A fanatic of R&B/Soul. Moochie Alfonso has not only established himself as one of the most knowledgeable, consistent and respected DJ, but also as a music curator focusing on promoting independent artists. In 2023 he listened to over 100 music submissions and wrote constructive feedback. The official website of Groover 
listed Moochie as curator with high answer rate and high sharing rate who provided airplay opportunities to over 15% of the tracks received
and gave feedback to more than 90% of music received.

Moochie’s deep appreciation of music and versatility allow him to effortlessly adapt and showcase soulful, energetic track selections. He is no stranger to playing weddings, private parties and corporate events.

In early 2022 Moochie began hosting New Music Segment (a.k.a.) Groove Outlet as platform for new and aspiring independent artists to showcase their music on Groove Outlet Radio show.

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Catch Moochie every last Sunday of the month in 2024 at Lobster & Grill in Sutton for some upfront soulful vibes.

Music Makes Life Much Better!


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